Mark Williams FMH

“Dear Mark, I would like to say that the work you have been doing about fathers is really valuable. There is now much attention given to perinatal mental illness in mothers, but the suffering of fathers, and how this can affect the rest of the family remains largely neglected. You speak eloquently on this and have really helped to bring awareness of this important topic to the wider public.”
Imperial College London
Vivette Glover, Professor of Perinatal Psychobiology
“Mark is a tower of inspiration, strength and dedication when speaking out for dads and families. It’s a pleasure and privilege working with him.”
Maternal Mental Health Alliance
Dr Alain Gregoire, Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Perinatal Psychiatry and Chair
“Mark Williams is a force of nature and has done a huge amount to raise awareness of perinatal mental health. By talking about his experiences he has focussed our attention on the effects that perinatal mental illness can have on the family including partners and reminded us of the importance of Dads. The world of Maternal Mental Health owes Mark a huge vote of thanks.”
National Centre for Mental Health
Professor Ian Jones, Director
“Mark is a pioneer for Dads’ mental health and awareness for fathers’ perinatal mental health. I have trained Mark in perinatal mental health and included his work in my book “Listening Skills for Health Professionals” on Fathers. Mark is also a trainer for my own training organisations for health visitors and midwives and an interactive and passionate speaker.”
International Marce Society President.
Dr Jane Hanley Author Perinatal Mental Health for Professionals and Past
“Mark Williams is (by my book) the leading voice in the UK on Fathers’ Mental Health”.
Lecturer Bournemouth University and Campaigner.
Dr Andrew Mayers
“Thank you, Mark. It’s heartening to know that there has been that kind of positive effect. I greatly admire your work.”
Dr Paul Ramchandani
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine. Reader in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Thank you so much for your really fantastic talk today and yesterday. I know the audiences really enjoyed hearing from you. You are such a good speaker and communicate such a lot in terms of experience and work, with great thoughtfulness, honesty, humour and energy.
Dr Liz McDonald
The Royal Collage of Psychiatrists
“Mark is a hugely powerful and compelling speaker who brought honest and genuine insight to the NSPCC’s ‘Dad Project’ report which we published with the Design Council in 2015. He uses the power of personal experience to speak up for dads and presses home the importance of ensuring dads get the meaningful support they deserve.”
Chris Cuthbert